9/18 Orientation Information

On September 16th, 17th and 18th, students will meet by grade level for orientation meetings.  September 16th, 17th and 18th are mandatory attendance days. Click here to complete the attendance form for the day. Every day matters!
Throughout the 3-day orientation, students will practice getting online through Microsoft Teams, learn about the health and safety procedures that are in place, and become familiar with life at Lincoln. We will also provide information about your program, remote and blended classes, and student supports.
Students: Every day, orientation will start in the same place. Go to alhs.nyc at 8:00 AM to find a link for our live meetings. Students will meet by grade group. 
Meeting Links for 9/18:
9:00 AM    9th grade
10:00 AM 10th grade
9:00 AM   11th grade
10:00 AM 12th grade
9:00 AM   ELL Academy
Ready to get started? Head over to our Student Tech Help Desk for information on your @nycstudents.net email accounts and getting started with Microsoft Teams.