Law: Gilder Lehrman Honors Institute | K24M

A humanities-based program for gifted students that explores the issues of Law and American History through a four-year sequence. Courses offered in the program included: Introduction to Law, Criminology, Constitutional Law, and Sociology. Students in this program receive preferential treatment for acceptance in AP World History, Syracuse University Project Advance or SUPA Public Policy, SUPA Personal Finance, and SUPA US History courses, all of which include college credits.

The Gilder Lehrman Program consists of various classes like Mock Trial, Criminal and Law classes, walking tour trips around the city, and trips to Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia! 

  • Mock Trial is held during after school hours and will debate with other schools. There will be a courtroom, which is currently being built, to host debates!
  • Criminal and Law is a College Now/SUPA class that teaches about the criminal justice system. You will receive college credit for this course. 
  • Walking Tour trips are held in the Spring on Saturdays. You get to hang out with social studies teachers and your friends. We walk around the city and give an oral presentation about the history of the places. One good thing, the trips are Free!
  • Do you know how and why our founding fathers are important in U.S. History? Well, you will know more about them in our all-day trips to Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia! You will visit monuments where our great leaders are enshrined, use your imagination of how the Civil War was fought, and to try to lick the liberty bell (please, don’t do it!).