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All Lincoln students have access to the many opportunities offered through our Zoned program.  See below for some of the ways to get involved!


Music, Theater, the Arts, and Photography:


Jennifer Baumfeld, Assistant Principal



Ellen Fabbricatore, Theater Production
Jerry Pearce, Music
Mayra Moreno, Set Design
Carlos Molina, Photography



Our Band class teaches the basics of wind, brass and percussion, in addition to other instruments. Band features secondary-level music and performance. Chorus teaches the basics of chorus singing and harmony. Each performance-based class will feature an end of semester performance.



Students in the Theater Production class learn acting technique and performance to better prepare them for the stage.


Through project-based assessments and hands-on instruction in all of our Music and Theater classes, students will learn that through creative expression, universal themes, values and emotions can be shared, despite differences in culture, learning style and performance level. Students will improve their social skills, develop a creative eye, and overcome performance anxiety while gaining multiple perspectives in either Music, Theater, or The Arts. All students selected into the Music, Theater, and the Arts program will have the opportunity to showcase their talents whether through the visual arts progression, on stage through music or theatrical performance, or behind the scenes through stage and set design courses.


Lincoln’s Professional Photography Program is one of the most celebrated photography programs in the nation. For over 25 years, our students have won national and regional awards, scholarships, and job placement. The introductory-level courses cover the fundamentals of digital photography and related software. Students strengthen their understanding of topics through open-ended photography and writing assignments. Advanced courses delve deeper into a variety of technical and creative skills.  The Photography Program prepares students for a career track in photography and related fields, such as graphic design and cinematography.


Ninth Grade Academy:


Lincoln Crew: Offered to all 9th grade students in the Zoned program



ENL Academy: Through Lincoln’s ENL Academy, students learn English in the content areas. By blending language instruction with our content courses, we make sure that our students learn English while also taking the classes they need to succeed in college or a career. Students receive differentiated support based on their English proficiency level (as determined by the NYSESLAT).


Syracuse University Program (SUPA): College-level coursework taught by SU certified teachers.


College Now: Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College courses. Offered in-house, at ALHS, as well as respective CUNY campuses.


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Remote Club List:

  1. LGBTQ 
  2. Gaming 
  3. Student Organization 
  4. Honors Society - Arista 
  5. Cooking 
  6. Guitar 
  7. Running 
  8. MBK (My Brothers Keeper)
  9. Blending Beauties 
  10. Senior Activities   


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