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The Media Program at Abraham Lincoln High School is designed to introduce students to the world of media production. Students first develop their creative ideas, then learn how to share them with the world through professional-quality video production. Students experience a live television production environment while broadcasting Lincoln's prestigious athletic programs. Student work with Adobe premiere and learn to shoot and edit their own projects with our professional cameras and editing equipment.
Student testimonial:

"Media class is really fun in my opinion. We get to record music videos and interviews. Media class is the place where I finally learned how to use a video camera. In media class I made a lot of friends. The teacher is amazing, he makes class fun. We do projects together as a class and sometimes with partners so it makes it easy. We get to use computers and draw storyboards and the class is really not that difficult. I learned how to set up cameras with microphones and tripods. Media class is also the place I finally understood how movies are shot and the news. I believe everyone should join or be a part of the media class, it's really fun." Gabriella Berezovskaya