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College Office

The College Office Mission...
The mission of the College Office is to help students realize their ambitions, plan for their futures and guide them through the college application process.  We want our students to have the tools to make educated decisions that will enable them to be successful in their post secondary lives.
The College Office is located in room 223A
Jennifer Baumfeld, Assistant Principal of English, the Arts, College Office and Upper Academy Director
Meredith Kelly
Corrine Pope
Nora Blake (NYUCAC)

The College Office provides access to:

  1. Fee waivers for:SAT/Subject Tests/ACT/ NCAA and College applications 
  2. Naviance and College Applications 
  3. Advisement to juniors and seniors on college and career 
  4. Information on upcoming College Visits and college related events
  5. Information on FAFSA and financial aid
  6. Information on Scholarships for college including POSSE and Questbridge 
  7. Assistance with interviewing, college essay/personal statement and resumes
  8. Special programs for target groups such as ALEAP and Trailblazers