ALEAP- Abraham Lincoln's Educational Achievement Program

Abraham Lincoln Educational Achievement Program: Through targeted academic and social emotional interventions, parent involvement through parent meetings and meaningful celebrations, the ultimate goal is for these targeted students to maintain a minimum GPA of 80 and graduate high school within four years. We also project that this group will likely earn an average score of 1100 or better on the SAT. These students are striving to be admitted into and successful at a more selective four-year college.

Recent events (2017-18)
Tour of University of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia
One on one college counseling with NYUCAC Nora Blake
Post Career Day conference
Pre-PSAT conference
Cultural trip to the Whitney Museum and the highline
Recent events:(2018-19)
Tour of Manhattanville and Sarah Lawrence
One on one college counseling with NYUCAC Nora Blake
Tour of NJIT and St. Peter's University
AP for All Buddy Day
Recent events: (2019-20)
Tour of Adelphi and Farmingdale
One on one counseling with NYUCAC Nora Blake