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What to focus on in each grade

The most important thing to do in 9th grade is keep your grades up!  Sometimes acclimating to high school is difficult. While you are getting used to a new commute, new teachers, and new peers, try not to let your grades slip.
Having trouble?  Reach out to your guidance counselor! Stop by the 9th grade Academy room!  Check out the tutoring schedule! Tell your teacher you need help!  
We are all here to help you do your best.
Extracurriculars- If you are handling the high school workload well, start checking out all of the clubs and sports we have at Lincoln!  Get involved!!
Log on to Naviance and start thinking about your strengths, weaknesses, and goal setting. This is usually done during a workshop in your English class.
Take the PSAT! Each spring, we give the PSAT 8/9 to our Freshman so they can begin to prepare for college entrance exams.
10th Grade!  Get involved!
Now is the time to get involved in activities at Lincoln if you haven't already! Join a team or a club! Stop by the COSA office on the second floor near the vending machines. No club you're interested in?  Create one!
Keep focusing on your grades!  You will have the opportunity to start taking Advanced Placement classes- challenge yourself!  If you score at least a 3 on an AP exam there is potential to get college credit for it!
Take advantage of College Now, the free program with CUNY colleges enabling high school students to take college level classes and earn college credit! Ask your guidance counselor for more information!
Log on to Naviance and start researching careers! Read the emails and newsletters sent from the College Office and sign up to meet with college reps who are scheduled to meet with Lincoln students in the library or virtually!
You'll take the PSAT one more time in the spring- it's your last practice test! Next year you take the real thing! 
Things to consider: internship programs, plans for summer, volunteerism, summer job
11th Grade! This is it- your time to shine!
Internship Program, Advanced Placement, College Now, Extra-curricular activities, Work Experience, is the time to get involved if you haven't already!
In the fall, you will be invited to attend our annual College and Career Fair. 
In the spring semester, there will be monthly college workshops in order to get you ready for the college process. What are colleges looking at for admissions?All the things you've been working on:
-Strength of curriculum
-SAT/ACT score
-Extracurricular activities
-Teacher Recommendations
-Personal Statement
-Interview (if applicable)
You will take your SAT in the spring. Most students take it twice. You'll take it once during the school day (we set it up) and once on a Saturday (you register on College Board).
You will write your personal statement in your English class.
You'll log on to Naviance to do college searches, complete 'About Me' surveys, create a resume.
You'll also have an appointment with one of the college advisors to discuss your post-secondary plans.
Keep up your grades and try to show leadership in any of the great organizations you've become involved in!  
Start visiting colleges and meeting with college reps who visit Lincoln or schedule a virtual visit.
College applications go live in August!  Start applying as early as you can because the applications take time to complete.
Your college workshops will continue in your English classes so we can support you during the application process.
September: Begin applying- check your application deadlines. Link your CommonApp to Naviance, request recommendation letters, update your essay, register to retake the SAT
October: FAFSA goes live! Begin working on financial aid applications (FAFSA and TAP). Find out if your college requires the CSS Profile on College Board. Finalize your college list and continue working on the applications. Take the SAT if needed. Send your scores to colleges.
November: First round of deadlines (ED, EA). Finalize your applications by the end of the month. Be sure to do all supplemental applications if required. Finish your financial aid applications. Take the SAT if needed. NOTIFY THE COLLEGE OFFICE OF YOUR APPLICATIONS! Send your scores to colleges.
December: Continue to tie up loose ends with your applications, create accounts on your college websites to monitor their receipt of your application items.  Last time you can take the SAT in order to make college deadlines! Make sure your SAT scores have been sent! Start applying for scholarships.
January: January first is the general deadline for most colleges. Some colleges have rolling admissions and/or later deadlines. If you are applying to any of those, please notify the College Office asap!
February- March: Collect all acceptance letters and financial aid packages and bring them to the College Office.  We must record your acceptance and all scholarships you have received.
April: Financial aid package review in the College Office for students who are considering private, SUNY and out of state colleges. Finalize your decision and reserve your seat and/or dorm.
May 1st: DECISION DAY! This is the last day on which colleges expect you to reserve your seat. If you reserve your seat late, you may lose scholarship funds. Stay in touch with your college!!!  You can also appeal the financial aid packages!