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Internship Program

Abraham Lincoln High School Internship Program 


Experiential Learning in the Workplace

Lincoln juniors earn credit by working one semester (typically Wednesday and Friday afternoons) with mentor-supervisors in a business, non-profit or government agency. Interns learn work protocols, new skills and develop professional relationships in exchange for accomplishing organizational tasks. No job is too small in exchange for the learning.

Stakeholder Expectations-Making it Work

  • Mentor-supervisors provide interns with on-the-job learning experiences and real organizational responsibility.
  • Interns internalize professional protocols, take-on responsibilities and complete organizational tasks.
  • Lincoln Internship Team staff provides hands-on support and conducts a seminar to train students in the skills needed to land and retain a job.


The internship culminates with the the Internship Appreciation Ceremony & Exit Interviews where mentor-supervisors provide a authentic assessment and professional advice to their interns. 


To get involved contact: Jacques Hoffmann, Director of Internships