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Class of 2021

Congratulations - you made it to senior year!


In times of uncertainty, there are some things we are sure of:


1. This year is unique. We're in the midst of a global pandemic, and changes and challenges are continuously coming our way.


2. Through community and positive spirit, we will learn and grow from this experience together.


ALHS Seniors - You are strong, resourceful, and resilient, and it's your time to shine more than ever. Student voice will chart the course of student life at Lincoln, and I am excited to see what we come up with.


To ensure that this year will be successful, we will need to communicate on a regular basis. Please include your parents and guardians in the conversation. Our collaborative efforts will help to ensure that we have the best year ever.


Senior Life at Lincoln: Email:

Instagram: @alhsbklyn Website :

Microsoft Teams: ALHS Seniors – Class of 2021 (Molina)


*Please reach out to me if you have not been added to the Team.


Seniors for now, Class of 2021 for life!

I wish you the best of luck on a safe and productive school year.




-Cap & Gown,

-Diploma Case


(consists of sweatshirt and sweatpants)





Price Schedule for Senior Dues:


Early Bird Special-$150.00 until January 31st

$180.00 beginning on February 1st.

$200.00 beginning on May 1st.

Booking for Senior Portraits Week:
There are two options for booking a senior portrait!

In-school Option 1:

Date: January 11th - January 15th at the school.

Please use the link on our Senior Team.

This option is available for blended and remote students.


Studio Option 2:

Studio Option: The student goes online and books an appointment with the photography company. 

Please use the link on our Senior Team. 


Studio Information:

Studio Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Saturdays, by appointment only.

103-03 Metropolitan Avenue - Forest Hills  NY 11375 - Telephone: 718-268-2870

You will need an S.O. card ($5.00) and the sitting fee ($5.00) to get photographed for either option.

Please try to have your portraits done by February 26th, 2020