Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

New York State sets graduation requirements. Some requirements are different based on the year a student started high school. This determines a student's cohort. You can see the resources below for more information about graduation options based on the year the student started high school.

If students and families have any questions about graduation requirements, they should speak to the student's guidance counselor.

2019-20 Graduation Requirements Card

You can use the current graduation requirements card to read about graduation options for all students who started ninth grade in 2019.

Past Graduation Requirement Cards

These cards explain the graduation options for students who started ninth grade before 2019. Prior to September 2017, there were separate cards for three groups of students: general education students, students with disabilities, and Career & Technical Education (CTE) students.

Students who started ninth grade in September 2017 or later:

Students who started ninth grade in September 2001 to 2016: