• **Students Only** Sports Banquet

    Join us for the Abraham Lincoln High School Sport Banquet

    Celebrating our Student Athletes!

    **When:** June 12 @ 6:00 pm 
    **Where:** B GYM

    * A special recognition of our student athletes' achievements and dedication to their respective sports
    * A delicious dinner and refreshments
    * Inspirational words from our coaches and faculty
    * A chance to mingle with your teammates and fellow athletes

    * This is a students-only event, no parents or guests are permitted.

    **Dress Code: dressy casual

    Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate your hard work and dedication to your sport. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

  • NYC Remote Simulation Today 6/6 from 8:45-9:00a

    As part of citywide remote simulation, we are asking all students to go on Teams to complete a Lincoln quiz (Click Here) and log-in to their TeachHub account.  Winners from this quiz will be randomly selected to win their choice of Lincoln Swag!

    Quiz opens at 8:45 and closes at 9:00 am.

    Today is a nonattendance day.  Attendance will not be taken.

    Students needing support with Microsoft Teams should go to the Student Tech Help Desk and follow the getting started tutorials here.

    If students need additional help, they should complete a Tech Help Request Form here.    

    Abraham Lincoln HS
  • ALHS Newsletter 5/28/24

    ALHS Newsletter 


    1. End of 3rd Marking Period

     As we approach the end of the 3rd marking period on May 31st, let's continue to strive for better grades and attendance. Keep pushing forward and finish strong!  

    1.  Algebra Regents 6/4

    Only students scheduled to take the Algebra Regents exams must come in on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. Students should follow their Algebra Regents Exam letter for reporting times. 

    1. No School Thursday 6/6

    Please be aware that there is no school On Thursday, June 6th for Chancelor’s Conference Day. 

    1.  Free Sock Friday and Nina Swag Store Flash Sale!

    June 7th is Free Sock Friday, students with perfect attendance on 6/3, 6/5 and 6/7 get free festive socks at scanning.   

    Nina the Comfort Dog will hosting a final flash sale for students to spend their Nina Buck. 

    Attendance matters.  Strive for perfect attendance for the end of the year. 

     5.Senior Prom 

    Senior Prom is also May 31st, 2024 at Dyker beach and golf course. For more information you can find this info on the school website ALHS.NYC     Click on “Students” and then click on “Senior Activities”   

    1.  MTA Raffle for High School Students

    Beginning May 20, the DOE in collaboration with the MTA is launching its Extra Credit program, a new initiative designed to encourage MetroCard use among high school students. High school students who swipe their MetroCards will be entered to win a Meta Quest 2; each swipe is an entry to win the prize. 

    For more information on the program, including details on eligibility and rewards, refer to 

     7. Right to Decline Regents Waivers 

    If your child has a Regents Exam waiver and is scheduled to graduate, you can decide not to have your student waive their Regents exams if you prefer your child to stay in high school until they meet graduation requirements or until the end of the school year in which they turn 21. If you choose to decline a Regents exam waiver, this decision cannot be reversed. Your student will be expected to work toward passing the exam in future administrations. Please reach out to David Robinson, Assistant Principal of Guidance by June 19th if you wish to decline Regents waivers for your student.   

    1.  Free summer theater program 

    Interview now through May 31 for a FREE summer THEATER program that meets weekdays in July-August, in-person, Stella Adler Studio of Acting (65 Broadway, 2nd Fl, New York, NY): “Arts Justice Summer Shakespeare” is a free, summer theater program for New York City teens who receive free or reduced lunch; now in its 20th year, this highly respected program accepts 11-22 teens each year who attend classes and rehearsals five days a week in July and August at the studio's flagship location in lower Manhattan. Students will act in a one-hour Shakespeare play. This program is supported partly by public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the city council. Contact Yeauxlanda Kay, program director, at or (212)689-0087. Web link: 

    Abraham Lincoln HS
  • ALHS NEWSLETTER  5/7/2024


      1. Report card Distribution and Grit Awards 

    Today, 5/7 is the report card and Grit List Honors distribution. 

    Grit List Honors recognize any student who passed all classes and increased their weighted average from Mp1 to MP2 (Even if it's .001!) 

    Please help us celebrate this accomplishment with students by recognizing them in your class! 

    Grit List students are invited to the auditorium on Friday, May 10th during periods 1, 2, or 3 to receive a special treat.  

    2. PTA Meeting/ Elections 

    Join us on May 16 at 6 p.m. to participate in voting for the PTA elections. Your vote counts. Make sure to register in advance for this meeting:  

     It is very important that you reach out to Ms. Sherrie Williams, ALHS Parent Coordinator for your Verification PIN through the request PIN form here  

    Anyone who signs in without obtaining your verification PIN from Ms. Sherrie Williams will not be allowed to vote.    

    3. Footloose!! 

    Come and enjoy the theatrics of our Lincoln students as they perform Footloose the play. Enjoy the talent showcase along with nostalgic memories. Don’t miss this event happening on May 23rd, 2024 at 6 p.m.  Tickets $5 at the door. 

    4. Freshman Orientation!! 

    Freshman Orientation took place on May 2nd, 2024, It was a great success, We welcomed over 200 families and showed all the great aspects of Lincoln and all that we offer. We are so excited for our incoming students and are so happy to have you. 

  • Parent Teacher Association Election May 16, 2024, 6:00 P.M.

    Register in advance for this meeting:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

    It is very important that you reach out to Ms. Sherrie Williams, ALHS Parent Coordinator for your Verification PIN through the request PIN form here  

    Anyone who signs in without obtaining your verification PIN from Ms. Sherrie Williams will not be allowed to vote.   

    Please download the Zoom App prior to the meeting, please enter the meeting with your legal name (not iPhone user or student name) and have your mics muted upon entering.

    For this year’s PTA election to be able to vote or run for a position on the PA executive board, you will need to be verified. We will begin by taking nominations from the floor for each available officer position. The only qualification for all offices is that the candidate be a parent of a child in the school. The core mandatory officer positions of president, recording secretary and treasurer must be filled at this meeting for our school to have a functional Parent Teacher Association. Elections will follow immediately after the close of nominations. Candidates will be asked to address the audience and make a brief statement expressing why they wish to be considered for an officer position.

    Please find the attached Annual Election notice for further details about the position that are available and what duties are attached to the position

  • Follow up to school’s water outlets

    Dear Families and Staff:

    This is a follow up to a letter informing you that your school’s water outlets would be tested for lead in 2024. On April 13, 2024, all operational sources of water at Lincoln Athletic Field - Brooklyn (Abraham Lincoln High School at 2800 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11235), including for drinking or cooking, were tested for the presence of lead. The laboratory results showed no elevated levels of lead in any of the outlets at Lincoln Athletic Field - Brooklyn.

    New York City’s drinking water is world-renowned for its quality, meeting or exceeding all Federal and State standards. In addition, the DOE works with other City agencies to ensure there is safe drinking water in schools. The safety and well-being of students and staff is our top priority.

    For more information on the protocol used to maintain safe drinking water in each and every schools, please visit Thank you for your support and we wish you a successful and enjoyable remainder of the school year.

    Sincerely yours,


    Kevin Moran

  • Water Report for Abraham Lincoln HS

    Dear Families and Staff:

    This is a follow up to a letter informing you that your school’s water outlets would be tested for lead in 2024. On April 13, 2024, all operational sources of water at Abraham Lincoln HS - K (Abraham Lincoln High School at 2800 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11235), including for drinking or cooking, were tested for the presence of lead. The laboratory results showed elevated levels of lead in 8 of the 85 samples outlets from which water was taken and tested. Any drinking or cooking outlet with elevated levels was immediately taken out of service, and will remain out of service until it is successfully remediated. Details of elevated results are attached and complete test results are posted on the DOE website at Click “Reports” and look for the “Facilities” heading.

    The test results include water outlets that are not used for drinking or cooking, including handwashing sinks. Sinks will have clear signs indicating “Hand Washing Only” and “Not for Drinking Use.” The custodial staff will continue to flush the Abraham Lincoln HS - K water systems on Monday mornings and after holidays to eliminate stagnant water. This is part of our comprehensive protocol to ensure safe drinking water for students and staff in each and every school. To learn more about the protocol please visit

    We will keep you updated on the remediation work at Abraham Lincoln HS - K, and thank you for your patience and support.


    Sincerely yours, Kevin Moran

  • Freshman Orientation May 2nd !!!

    Are you a new student or parent/guardian of a new student at Abraham Lincoln High School? Join us for our orientation on May 2nd, with two session options! The first session will be from 6-7 pm, and the second session will be from 7-8 pm. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our school, meet staff members, and ask any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you to the Abraham Lincoln High School community!

  • ALHS NEWSLETTER 4/15/2024



    1. Abraham Lincoln's Students to the Rescue!

    Discover the heartwarming tale of Abraham Lincoln's students coming to the rescue! They journeyed all the way to Long Island to assist in an Animal Rescue shelter's mission, bringing back animals from Florida. Witness this touching experience by clicking the link below:

    Abraham Lincoln's Students to the Rescue!

    2. PTA Meeting

    Join us for our upcoming PTA meeting on April 18th, 2024, from 6pm to 8pm! We'll be discussing crucial ways to support our school and upcoming fundraisers. Your participation is key in shaping our school's future. We look forward to seeing you there! 

    Meeting ID: 993 6746 6317 

    Passcode: 367563 

    Dial by your location 

    • +1 929 205 6099 US (New York) 

    3. 2nd Marking Period ending

    Attention all students and parents: The 2nd marking period is coming to a close on April 19th, 2024. Be sure to wrap up any outstanding assignments and prepare for a successful end to the term. Let's finish strong together!

    4. Red Flag Attendance Days

    Here at Lincoln, we are always striving for better attendance. Our next red flag attendance date is April 19th, 2024. This is right before our spring break starting on 4/22/24 and school will resume on May 1st, 2024, another red flag attendance day. “80% of success is showing up”  

    5. Nina Store Fundraiser

    Join in with the PTA and help support the Nina Store, where students can use Nina Bucks to buy snacks and Lincoln Swag, it's every Friday during lunch periods. Please click the link to support:

    6. Title 1 Parent Engagement

    Experience the magic of school through your child's eyes on Bring Your Parent to School Day, happening May 14th, 2024! Join us for a day filled with learning, laughter, and special moments as you walk in your child's shoes. Don't miss out on this unforgettable opportunity to connect with your child's education firsthand! To participate please fill out the registration form. Click the link to sign up.

    7. Report Card Distribution

    Report cards will be distributed on May 7th. Report cards can also be seen with the NYCSA.

    If you don’t have an NYCSA please click the link

    8. Calendar Updates

    Please go to and click on the calendar to view important dates, such as closed school days, Games, and report card distribution

  • Letter to Families on the Solar Eclipse

    We are writing to inform you that on Monday, April 8, the New York City area will experience a partial solar eclipse beginning around 2:00 p.m. A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and earth. This casts a shadow that may make the sky dark for the eclipse's duration, as the sun will become approximately 90% covered in NYC during the peak coverage time, around 3:25 p.m. 

    While this may overlap with school dismissal times, please know that there will be no changes to dismissal, and after-school programming will remain in effect. Please also be prepared for increased traffic throughout the area and consider using public transit instead of driving during this time.  

    If you and your family are planning to view the eclipse, please make sure to do so safely by using proper, specialized eye protection. Regular sunglasses and other filters are not a safe replacement for solar eclipse glasses. Glasses are available at the Brooklyn Public Library, Queens Public Library, and New York Public Library while supplies last. It is recommended to call in advance to ensure supplies are available. Please take precautions, whether inside or out, as looking at the sun without protection can cause loss of the ability to see colors, loss of vision, or even permanent blindness. 

    For more information on solar eclipse eye safety, please visit the New York City Department of Health guidance: external link)

    For this information in a different language please use the following link

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