• ALHS is Remote Tuesday 2/13

    Remote Learning Guide and Attendance Procedures for Tuesday 2/13  

    On Tuesday, February 13th, students are required to log into Microsoft Teams and complete attendance prompts for each class by 10 a.m.  

    Teachers will be posting check-ins and work for their classes.

    All students are also required to complete our supplemental attendance survey at this link: 

    Students who need support with Microsoft Teams should visit the Student Tech Help Desk and follow the 'getting started' tutorials available here. 

    If students require additional assistance, they should complete a Tech Help Request Form availablehere.     

    We will resume in-person classes on Wednesday, February 14th.

    Abraham Lincoln HS
  • Chipotle Night - Lincoln Fundraiser

  • HPD’s Housing Information Classes - registration now LIVE

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Hope all are well. NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development is proud to announce the relaunch of it’s Housing Information Classes.

    All classes are 100% free and taught over Zoom. 

    Learn from experts about NYC government and all about the housing resources that can be accessed for free. From pest removal to responding to violations to navigating Housing Court. Their classes are taught by the housing experts that renters and homeowners need to work with.   

    They are ready to help everyone: tenants and homeowners, new residents and long-time New Yorkers.  

    First four classes: 

    1.                March 5 - Owning a Home in NYC – Agencies and Programs for Homeowners 

    2.                March 12 – Integrated Pest Management from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 

    3.                March 21 – NYC Housing Connect: The Affordable Housing Lottery    

    4.                March 25 – Rental Housing Discrimination and Harassment taught by the NYC Commission on Human Rights 

    More classes on: Tenants rights, lead-based paint remediation, housing court, and more! 

    Visit for more information

  • 📢 Attention NYC Parents/Guardians 📢

    It's that time of the year again! The 2024 NYC School Survey is here, and your feedback is invaluable. Help shape the future of our schools by sharing your thoughts online at  Remember, the access code is "f" followed by your child's nine-digit OSIS number (all lowercase). You can locate the OSIS number on their report card, student ID card, or NYCSA account.
    Don't forget, that you can also access the survey through your NYCSA account. Let's work together to make our schools even better! 🎓📚 #NYCSchoolSurvey #ParentVoice
  • **Abraham Lincoln Drone Program**

    A.M. Air is an extension of the Drone Club, offering morning drone training sessions.  The Drone program is specifically designed for individuals interested in learning about drone piloting and exploring the vast opportunities within the drone industry. Our introduction to drone piloting course aims to give participants a comprehensive understanding of drone technology and its applications across various professional fields.

    During the training, students will have the opportunity to simulate drone flights, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the controls and master basic maneuvers. Our experienced instructors will guide participants throughout the simulation, providing valuable insights and tips for efficient piloting.  Following the simulation, students will progress to the practical phase of the training, where they will have the chance to fly a real drone under supervision. Through hands-on experience, participants will gain confidence in maneuvering drones in different environments, understanding the limitations, and ensuring safety protocols are followed.

    Those who join the Drone club will receive T.R.U.S.T certificates that allow them to fly recreationally with New York and the tristate area, after passing a test. The drone club participates in FPV (first person view) Drone racing, media projects, building and coding drones to fly autonomous flight patterns.  In addition to the piloting skills, this course also aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the drone industry and the multitude of job opportunities it offers. We will highlight the various roles available, such as aerial photography/videography, surveying and mapping, agriculture monitoring, infrastructure inspection, search and rescue, and many more. Through case studies and real-life examples, students will grasp the potential of drones in revolutionizing industries and creating new career paths.

    Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the world of drones and understand the endless possibilities they hold. Join A.M. Air for our morning drone training and embark on a journey that combines innovation, exploration, and excitement. Check your eligibility for A.M. Air or Drone Club with Mr. Cofield in Room 126A.

    Abraham Lincoln HS
  • ALHS NEWSLETTER: 2/2024: Volume 4

    1) 1st Marking Period

      As we kick off the first marking period, let's remember the importance of consistent attendance. Every day counts towards your success. Let's make this marking period one filled with dedication, learning, and achievements!

    2) PTA Meeting

    PTA Meeting will be held on February 15th, 2024 via Zoom from 6pm- 8pm with a guest appearance by Mr. Hoffmann to speak about SYEP and Internships. Please see emails and text for more information.

    3) Title One Parent Workshop

    Our next parent workshop will be held on Feb. 27th to speak on SYEP & internship opportunities. Please join us via Zoom. 

    4) Winter Break 02/19 - 02/23 

    Winter break will start on February 19th until February 23th. Students must report back to school on February 27th. Parents/guardians should not have their children extend the break before or after the break as school will be in session. We hope you have a wonderful break! 

    5) NYCSA Reminder

    Stay connected to your child’s progress with the NYCSA account, you can easily access your child’s grades, attendance, and report card. Please click here to get started

  • 2024 Mental Wellness Self-Assessment

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Students are most likely to succeed when they are supported socially and emotionally. At Abraham Lincoln High School, we have invested in building a strong support system for all students, and we are committed to educating students about mental health, seeking help, and supporting their peers. Our team of school social workers and mental health community partners provide short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and referral to community-based counseling services.

    This winter, we will take a proactive approach to meet our students’ social-emotional needs by facilitating a student mental wellness self-assessment. All students will complete a short questionnaire regarding their mental health.  School social workers will review completed questionnaires, and students who indicate a certain level of challenges will have a one-on-one meeting with a social worker, guidance counselor or Crew Leader.

    Our goals of this initiative are twofold. 

    • Identify students who may benefit from additional support and to offer these students preventive/early intervention.   
    • Educate students about social and emotional well-being and the school culture at Lincoln.

    Every student’s social and emotional needs are important to the school.  We want all students to get the support they need and deserve.  

    Student self-assessments will take place in social studies classes.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to opt out, please contact the coordinator of this initiative, Social Worker Zoe Karanfilian:


    Zoe Karanfilian, MSW

    Counseling In Schools

    Room: 113

    Office: (718) 333-7400 ext. 7565



    Sincerely yours,


    Ari A. Hoogenboom


  • We would like to take this opportunity to welcome each of you to the Abraham Lincoln High School Community

  • We are pop pop popping them out!

    We have another fundraising  popping  this month.
    Our goal this year is to show our staff how much we appreciated their hard work and dedication!
    For this we need to raise funds.  This time it will be a short pop-up popcorn shop for 4-Days only.
    This fundraiser will start @5:00p.m. On Jan 27 and end on Wed. Jan 31st.
    Here is the website link:

    Happy New Year!!

    As we step into this fresh chapter, let's embrace the opportunity to set new goals, stay on track, and focus on continuous improvement. May the coming year be filled with growth, positivity, and the determination to move forward. Cheers to progress and a brighter future!  #NewYearNewGoals #StayOnTrack  #KeepImproving

    1. Third Marking Period

    The third marking period ends Jan 12th, 2024

    Grades are due Jan 17th

    Report cards will be distributed on Jan. 29th, 2024

    2. Tittle One Parent Workshop

    Join our parent workshop on Zoom, January 16th, 6-7 pm. We'll discuss Regents Week, scheduling, and other important topics. See you there!

    Register for Zoom link

    3. Let's Stay Connected

    NYCSA informs you of your child's progress, attendance, grades, and report card.

    To create an account to request a code click here

    4. Attention Senior Parents

    The 2024-25 FAFSA is live!  Mrs. Kelly will be visiting the E7 classes during the week of Jan. 8th to have seniors begin the student part of the FAFSA.  Students will need the following information to invite a parent to complete their part of the FAFSA: Parent name, parent birthdate, parent social security number, and parent email address.

    The College Office will be hosting a parent FAFSA Dinner soon- stay tuned for more information.


    1. Regents week

    Attention Lincoln Community!  It’s Regents Week!! Regents run from Jan 23rd to Jan 26th.  Students received their scheduled regent dates on Jan 17th. Remember, if your child doesn't have any regents, they won't need to come in during this period. Let's make sure everyone is prepared and ready for a successful week of exams!  #RegentsWeek #PrepareForSuccess

    2) January 26th  Spring 2024 Program, and MetroCard Distribution 

    Student Programs and MetroCard distribution are scheduled for Friday, January 26th by student's last name. 

    Last Name A – L 

    9:00 am – 10:30 am 

    Last Name M – Z 

    10:30 am- Noon 

    3. Spring Semester

    Term 2 begins on January 30th, it is crucial for all students to begin with strong attendance. To incentivize this, Nina Bucks will be distributed during scanning, encouraging active participation and commitment to a successful academic term.

    4. Clinic News

    Ensure your child's well-being with our school clinic! Simply fill out the consent forms for hassle-free access to yearly physical medicals and vaccinations. It's a time and money-saving way to prioritize your child's health and keep them thriving in a safe environment. To apply for the consent form  #WellnessFirst

    5. PD Day Reminder

    Just a quick reminder that there will be no school on January 29th due to a Professional Development (PD) day. Enjoy the day off!

    6. Stay connected

    Dear Lincoln Parents, if you're not receiving our important texts, stay in the loop by texting me directly at 929-655-1752. Your connection is vital, and we want to ensure you stay informed about all updates and happenings. Let's keep the communication lines open! #StayConnected #LincolnUpdates

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