Senior Activities

Class of 2023

Congratulations - you made it to senior year!

In times of uncertainty, there are some things we are sure of:

  1. This year is unique. We are almost done dealing with a global pandemic, and changes and challenges are still coming our way.

  2. Through community and positive spirit, we will learn and grow from this experience together.

ALHS Seniors - You are strong, resourceful, and resilient, and it's your time to shine more than ever. Student voice will chart the course of student life at Lincoln, and I am excited to see what we come up with.

To ensure that this year will be successful, we will need to communicate on a regular basis. Please include your parents and guardians in the conversation. Our collaborative efforts will help to ensure that we have the best year ever.


Instagram: @alhsbklyn

Microsoft Teams: Senior Team Class of 2023

I wish you the best of luck on a safe and productive school year.

The ALHS 2023 Prom

We are inviting all Seniors that paid dues to purchase a ticket for the ALHS 2023 Prom.

  1. Outside guests are welcome (1. They need to purchase a ticket 2. A Lincoln prom attendee must accompany them.)
  2. Senior Dues does not cover prom. It is a separate and optional expense.
  3. $100 per ticket. Pay by cash in Room 333 (5th and 6th periods). *I will add the option to pay online with a card #soon.
  4. All students must have a prom contract on file to attend. Also, I will be checking student grades, attendance etc. devil

Prom Venue:


Pay for Prom Online:

The College Office is running a raffle for 2 free prom tickets.

Students that have completed the FAFSA application will be entered in the raffle to win a free prom ticket.


Thank you!

-Mr. Molina